Troubled Archives in IN DAKAR

Our collective was showing in the International selection of the Biennale de Dakar I’Ndaffa – Forged out of the Fire 2022.

Take a look at The Recognition Machine. The boards were full on the opening night!
TRM is the fruit of a collaboration between Antje Van Wichelen and Michael Murtaugh with his ICV colleague Nicolas Malevé and well supported by other Troubled Archives members.

16 mm projection and debate

First of a series of performative projections with debate, wednesday september 20th, 7pm
KAOS Opperstraat 73 Rue Souveraine, 1050 Xl Brussels

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Reproduction of a human zoo

Two Norwegian-based artists thought that the public should remember the ‘Human Zoo’ of 1914. For its hundredth birthday, they decided to reenact it. read more…

Artists – Romuald Hazoumé

From my point of view, one of the strongest contemporary artists is Romuald Hazoumé. His thematic is slavery, his medium the jerrycan. read more…

Artists – Vincent Meessen

Many artists work or have worked about the colonial thematics. I need to mention Vincent Meessen now, because he has an excellent exhibition in Ghent, running until November 17, 2013. read more…