Burying film experiments in Dakar

The Troubled Archives collective from Belgium was selected to the Dakar Biennal 2022 _ IN the official selection exhibited at Ancien Palais de Justice.. As a preparation to the NOISY IMAGES installation, we went to bury negative films in the garden of IFAN, in order to have the earth collaborate on the work. Thank you, all the buriers.

Troubled Archives collective

The Troubled Archives collective is selected for the Dakar Biënnal
I ndaffa
2020. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the Biënnal is postponed to a later date.

Vitrine#5 : Deconstructing by nature (entrance installation Köln)

In preparation of the work Vitrine#5 : Deconstructing by nature, Loes and I went out into the sun to get some Rhein wasser that will help us deconstruct some colonial images. The images I re-filmed and developed on 16mm film for this work are 19th Century photographs from the Rautenstrauch-Joest museum archive that illustrate the unequal power relations between colonizers and colonized.

The work itself is on display at the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum in Köln, in Blickpunkt, until July 21st 2019.

photo Silviu Guiman
photo Silviu Guiman

21C_19C_Procedures For Anthropometric Image Reversal_ debate 04

A video impression of the fourth and cosiest debate of the series.

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21C_19C / emotions: the first debate/4

This debate took place at KAOS in Ixelles, Brussels. KAOS is a wonderful place, a gallery involved in art and psychiatry. It was September 20, 2017. read more…

Artist meets Archive

I will work as a resident in the framework of the Photoszene festival in Cologne. The residency will start with the 2018 festival in september. It will build up to an exhibition in the next Photoszene, in may and june 2019. read more…

21C/19C_ Exoticism in the studio

After three very different debates, we will focus with a smaller crowd on some very disturbing images and how to handle these in an artwork. To do this, we are warmly welcomed by Jane Amegah at her Salon de coiffure Akwaba. read more…

16 mm projection and debate

First of a series of performative projections with debate, wednesday september 20th, 7pm
KAOS Opperstraat 73 Rue Souveraine, 1050 Xl Brussels

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Four projections with debate found financial support

21C/19C _ Procedures for anthropometric image reversal  found financial support at the VGC – the Flemish government in Brussels – and the the township of Elsene/Ixelles. The organizing partner is nadine vzw. read more…

Summarizing an image database into a single file, its image and its sound: Constant

Yesterday, the 25th floor of WTC, where I have my workshop next to Constant’s, was full of joy. The neighbors were having a TECHNO-GALACTIC WALK_IN CLINIC. One could walk in with all kinds of software and file-related problems. You were then taken into the clinic. Into file therapy. read more…