Troubled Archives participates in Everything passes except the past in Turin

EVERYTHING PASSES EXCEPT THE PAST | TUTTA PASSA TRANNE IL PASSATO: Which role takes photography in a culture of memory? What are the ethical implications for the use of colonial images and how to overcome their unsettling narratives?

The exhibition Everything Passes Except The Past presents photography and lens-based art works by Bianca Baldi, Alessandra Ferrini, Grace Ndiritu and the collective Troubled Archives (Michael Murtaugh, Rokia Bamba, Antje Van Wichelen) that confront, challenge and repurpose the colonial gaze. They expose the colonial image archive as being a power instrument of social regimentation and point to the potential for critical redesign.

Grazie Mille to the wonderful team of Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

Troubled Archives collective about their collaborations path

Troubled Archives

The story of how an individual artistic research into archives becomes a collective and at times community driven project

Troubled Archives is a collective name for the collaboration between Rokia Bamba, Brenda Bikoko, Loes Jacobs, Michael Murtaugh, Peggy Pierrot, and Antje Van Wichelen.

The collective contributed this article to Roots-Routes magazine.

Troubled Archives collective

The Troubled Archives collective is selected for the Dakar Biënnal
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2020. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the Biënnal is postponed to a later date.