21C/19C _ Procedures for Anthropometric Image Reversal _ Debate 03

21C/19C_Procedures for Anthropometric Image Reversal is a performative 16mm film work on the painful colonial archive, specifically the anthropometric photography of 1860-1900.

Western photographers took images, sometimes in a ‘scientific’ project, sometimes in a more exotic goal, always in an unequal power relation. In the Labo BxL dark lab, I have manipulated the images I filmed; with manual illumination while copying the negative onto positive film. Hence the overexposure and the sliding of the images in the projection. I tested showing this film work in a series of debates, in order to learn how I should contextualize it. One of the conclusions is, to always give the public (at performances, in exhibitions) a chance to answer. Like in this debate; in French and English mostly. With soundwork by Rokia Bamba, moderator Peggy Pierrot, interventions by Lucia Halder (Rautenstrauch-Joest museum Köln), Pascale Obolo (Artist, Activist, chief editor Afrikadaa), Agency (Kobe Matthys). And the public. Thanks!
This was November 20, 2017