16 mm projection and debate

First of a series of performative projections with debate, wednesday september 20th, 7pm
KAOS Opperstraat 73 Rue Souveraine, 1050 Xl Brussels

Source: Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp.
Name of persons in the image unknown, photographer, place, date unknown.

With the project 21C/19C _ Procedures for Anthropometric Image Reversal, I have been working with archival 19th Century colonial photography. I will project my work-in-progress on 16mm films, and with participation of the public we will discuss the impact of the colonial anthropometric photography. You are invited! Reservation is necessary at loes@nadine.be or 02/5134104
Moderation of the debate by Peggy Pierrot. Special invitees: Bambi Ceuppens (KMMA), Erik Thys (KAOS)